Marana Inmate Search


Marana Inmate Search refers to the process of searching for information about inmates who are currently incarcerated in Marana, Arizona.

The Marana Jail is a city jail located in Pima County, Arizona, and is managed by the Marana Police Department.

Inmate data searches can be done through the Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation & Reentry website, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department website, or the Marana Police Department website. 

These websites provide information about inmates who have been sentenced, who are being held for another jurisdiction, and who stand accused (but not convicted) of a crime.

Marana Inmate Search

Marana Inmate Search General Information

Facility NameMarana Jail
Facility TypeCity Jails in Arizona
Address11555 West Civic Center Drive, Marana, AZ, 85653
Phone Number520-382-2000
CountyPima County

How To Search For Marana Inmate

Marana Inmate Search
  • For online Inmate Search, go to the official site
  • Here search by name or ADC number
  • Press search button
  • And get data on inmate

Information Available on the Jail Roster

  • Booking Number
  • Last Name & First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Release Date
  • Criminal Charges

Recent Arrests

The Marana Police Department website is your best bet. They list everyone who’s been arrested in the past day or two. You can search by name or date, or just browse the list.

Other places to check include:

  • News websites: They might report on big arrests.
  • Third-party websites: Some websites collect arrest records from different places.

The police website should tell you things like:

  • Who arrested the person
  • Where they were arrested
  • When they were arrested
  • A special number for that arrest

Changes made:

  • Shorter sentences and simpler words.
  • Bullet points for easier reading.
  • More informal tone.
  • Removed specific platform names.
  • Focused on practical information.

Mugshots and Police Reports

1. Head to the Police Station: During business hours, you can visit the Marana Police Department’s records division. They might charge a little fee for making copies.

2. Click Away Online: If the police have a website, you might be able to access or request records through it. Just follow the instructions!

3. Send a Snail Mail Request: Write a letter to the records division, explaining what you need and giving them all the details.

Marana Warrant Lookup

  • Check the Marana Police Department website: They might have a list of active warrants you can search by name.
  • Head to the police station or courthouse: Stop by the records division and ask about open warrants.
  • Give them a call: Some police departments let you inquire about warrants over the phone. Make sure you call the official number!
  • Use a trustworthy website: There are a few verified platforms that show warrants from different areas.
  • Talk to a lawyer: They can do the official asking for you, keeping things private and discreet.

Bookings and Releases

Booking In:

  • Information Check: They’ll ask for your name, birthday, what you look like, and why you got arrested.
  • Photos and Prints: They’ll take your picture (mugshot) and fingerprints.
  • Your Stuff: They’ll make a list of everything you had with you when you got arrested, and keep it safe until you leave.
  • Health Check: They’ll see if you’re okay and need any medical attention.

Getting Out:

  • Pay Bail: You (or someone else) pay a specific amount of money, and you’re free until your court date.
  • Judge Says OK: A judge might decide you can leave after a hearing.
  • Done Your Time: If you were sentenced to jail time, you’re free once it’s over.
  • Moving Day: You might be sent to another jail, like the county jail.
  • Promise to Show Up: If you promise to come back for your court date, they might let you leave without bail.

Inmate Mail

What you need to write on the envelope:

  • Their full legal name: No nicknames, just the official stuff.
  • Their booking number (if you know it): This helps the letter get to the right person faster.
  • Marana City Jail address: Make sure it’s the up-to-date one, no mix-ups!
  • Your full name and return address: So they can write back! (Missing this means your letter might get lost.)
  • Proper postage: Don’t skimp on stamps, or your letter might not make it.

Things you can send:

  • Nice, friendly letters and cards (no glitter or fancy stuff)
  • Pictures of you and your family (no Polaroids, they’re weird)
  • Books, magazines, and newspapers (but only if they come straight from the store)

Things you CAN’T send:

  • Anything mean, hateful, or gang-related
  • Money (they have their jail system for that)
  • Stamps, stickers, or anything metal or plastic (security reasons)
  • Cards with music or batteries (no loud surprises!)

Sending Money to Inmates

Send a paper check: Write a cashier’s check or money order with the inmate’s name and booking number on it. Mail it straight to the jail. Double-check if they prefer a check or money order.

Use a website: Some jails work with websites where you can deposit money online. Just find the website and follow the instructions.

Use a machine: Some jails have special machines in the lobby where you can put money in using cash, your debit card, or your credit card.

Call a company: Some companies let you deposit money over the phone. Check if the jail uses one of these companies.

Send a wire transfer: This isn’t very common, but some jails might let you do it. Call the jail to find out.


How to set up a visit:

  • Check-in: Make sure the person you want to see is allowed visitors. Sometimes they can’t due to bad behavior.
  • Plan: Book your visit in advance, especially if it’s a busy jail.
  • Bring ID: Everyone needs a valid government ID, like a driver’s license. Kids might need a birth certificate.
  • Get on the list: Some jails only let people visit who are on a special list. The person inside makes this list beforehand.

Rules to remember while visiting:

  • Dress code: Wear clothes that are respectful and not too revealing. No tank tops, short shorts, or offensive logos.
  • Be cool: Don’t yell, fight, or cause trouble. You might get kicked out and not be able to visit again.
  • Don’t sneak anything in: Bags, phones, and electronics are usually not allowed. They might search for you to make sure.
  • Keep your hands to yourself: Some jails don’t let you hug or touch the person you’re visiting.

When you can visit:

  • Weekdays: Usually in the morning or afternoon, but the exact hours can be different.
  • Weekends: You might have more time to visit, but spots fill up fast.
  • Holidays: Some jails are closed on holidays, while others offer special visiting times.

Inmate Communications

Making calls:

  • Let them call you: The most common way is for the person in jail to call you, and you pay for the call (collect call).
  • Prepaid account: Some jails also allow you to put money into an account for them to use for calls.

Keeping in mind:

  • Short chats: Calls usually only last 15-20 minutes before they get cut off automatically.
  • Big Brother is listening: Most calls are recorded and checked by jail staff for safety reasons, except calls to lawyers.
  • Follow the rules: They can only call certain approved numbers and during specific times. Breaking the rules might get them in trouble.
  • Pay up: Making calls costs money, and the price depends on how you pay and where you are.

Location and Contact Details

Official Address

11555 West Civic Center Drive, Marana, AZ, 85653

Official Phone Number


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