Colorado City Inmate Search


Colorado City Inmate Search refers to the process of looking up individuals who are incarcerated in the Colorado City Jail in Arizona.

This search can be conducted through online inmate locator services provided by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office or other relevant authorities.

These resources are useful for individuals seeking to find information about specific inmates or to learn more about the incarceration system in Colorado City and other locations.

Colorado City Inmate Search General Information

Jail TypeCounty Jail
Address2739 East Las Vegas Street, Colorado Springs, CO, 80906
Contact NumberNot specified
CityColorado Springs
CountyYavapai County

Inmate Roster and Who’s in Jail

  1. Head to the Colorado Police Department website: It’s easy to find, just search for it online.
  2. Look for the “Inmate Search” or “Jail Roster” section: It might be on the homepage or under a menu tab.
  3. Type in what you know: You can try searching by the inmate’s last name, first name, or even booking number if you have it. Even a partial name can work sometimes!
  4. Click “Search” and see the results: You should see a list of inmates who match your search.
  5. Find out who you’re looking for: Each inmate will have information like their booking number, full name, date of birth, and sometimes even their release date or charges.

Recent Arrests

1. Check the Colorado Police Department website: They often have a whole section dedicated to recent arrests, showing who’s been booked in the past few days or weeks.

2. Search online databases: Many places have online portals where you can search for recent arrests by name or date. This can be even faster than browsing the website.

3. Call the police department: If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, or if you need the info right away, just give them a call. They have people who are used to answering questions about recent arrests.

What info can you expect to find?

  • Arrest details: When and where was the person arrested, and what were they charged with?
  • Holding time: Not everyone stays in jail after they’re arrested. Some people might be released soon if they pay bail or the police don’t have enough evidence against them.

Mugshots and Police Reports

Getting Police Reports:

  • Go in person: Head to the police department’s main office. They usually have a records section where you can fill out a form to request specific documents.
  • Do it online: Some departments let you request reports online. You might have to pay a small fee.
  • Write a letter: If the other options aren’t available, you can send a detailed letter explaining what you need and include any required fees.

Seeing Mugshots:

  • Check the website: The police department might post mugshots of recent arrests on their website.
  • Request one: You can also ask for a mugshot through the same methods as police reports.

Colorado Warrant Lookup

1. Online Warrant Databases: Colorado might have a website where you can search for warrants using names or other details. Check their official government websites.

2. Visit the Police or Sheriff’s Department: Head to the local police or sheriff’s office. They usually have a records division where you can ask about warrants in person.

3. Warrant Roundups: Sometimes, police publish lists of people with warrants to encourage them to turn themselves in. Check local news or police websites for these.

4. Talk to a Bail bondman: These professionals often have access to warrant information, especially if they might be able to post bail for the person.

5. Get a Lawyer: If you think you or someone you know might have a warrant, call a lawyer. They can check discreetly and tell you what to do next.

Inmate Mail

1. Write their full legal name and booking number on the envelope. Don’t forget the jail’s address too! Example:

Inmate Full Name, Booking Number Colorado Springs City Jail [Full Address of the Jail] Colorado Springs, CO, [Zip Code]

2. Keep it simple: Letters and postcards are usually safe choices. Packages might need special permission or be a no-go altogether.

3. Don’t send anything naughty or dangerous: No drugs, weapons, or anything too spicy (like hate speech or porn). Even some paperclips or staples might be considered contraband!

4. Remember, they’re reading it: The jail will check the mail before it gets to them. Keep it respectful and avoid anything that could cause trouble.

5. Photos are tricky: Check if they’re allowed and make sure they’re appropriate and small. Polaroid photos are usually a no-go because they can hide contraband easily.

6. Want to send magazines or newspapers? The jail might need to approve them first. Ask them about their rules.

Sending Money to Inmates

Easy ways to send money:

  • Online: Some jails have websites where you can do this with a credit card. Easy peasy!
  • Mail: Send a money order, cashier’s check, or certified check (NOT cash!) with the jail’s address and the inmate’s full name and booking number.
  • In-person: Some jails have a kiosk or window where you can drop off money directly.
  • Phone: Some services let you call and transfer money over the phone.


1. Get on their list: Make sure the inmate adds your name to their visitor list. Only people on the list can visit.

2. Schedule your visit: Check with the jail if you need to schedule your visit in advance. They might have online scheduling or you might need to call.

3. Don’t forget your ID: Bring a valid government ID like your driver’s license or passport. No ID, no visit!

4. Dress modestly: Jail has a dress code. Avoid revealing clothes, offensive stuff on your shirt, or too much jewelry. Think comfy and casual.

5. Be on your best behavior: Act respectfully and don’t get loud or cause trouble. If you misbehave, the visit might get cut short or you might not be able to visit again.

6. Leave your stuff behind: You can’t bring personal items into the visiting area. They might have lockers for you to store your things.

7. Don’t worry about getting checked: Before entering the visiting area, you might get a quick search to make sure you’re not bringing anything in that’s not allowed.

Inmate Communications

Usually, they can only make calls that the other person pays for (collect calls). But some jails let you set up a prepaid account so they can call without it being a collect call.

There might be a time limit on each call: everybody gets a chance to use the phones!

Remember, most calls are recorded and listened to for safety reasons. Only lawyer calls are private.

Location and Contact Details

Official Address

705 South Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO, 80903

Official Phone Number


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